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Rolling F Credit Union Fathers Day Event 2021

The tradition continues as the credit union hosts event for the second year in a row to show fathers their appreciation.

TURLOCK, Calif. (June 18, 2021) – Father’s Day 2021 was a memorable one for Rolling F Credit Union and numerous members who are fathers. Read More

Rolling F Credit Union Mothers Day Event 2021

For the Second Year in a Row, the Credit Union Gives Special Gifts to Moms to Show Our Appreciation Read More

College Decisions and Future Finances

It’s that time of year again! Seniors in high school have to make the always exciting, sometimes confusing, particularly stressful, and inevitably impactful decision of where they will further their education (if they so choose). Millions of students apply for college each year, hoping to set out on a path to flourish in a career they are drawn to. Amidst this season of change, questions surface as to what the right decision is – is it worth enrolling in a college or university that will leave me in debt for years to come? Should I save money and start at a junior college close to home? Read More

Rolling F Credit Union is Approved for a Field of Membership Expansion

Membership at the credit union now includes anyone who works, worships, or lives in Stanislaus or Merced counties.

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Rolling F Credit Union Invests in Employees and Hosts Seminars on Self-Esteem and Building Trust

With the hustle and bustle at many workplaces, it can be difficult to invest in the personal and professional growth of the men and women who devote their days to the company. Because of this, Rolling F Credit Union dedicates specific time for team building seminars and practice. Most recently, the credit union has focused on maintaining and enhancing self-esteem and building rapport and trust, both of which are crucial to employee and member success. Read More

Rolling F Credit Union Participates in County Rental Relief Program

Credit Unions in Stanislaus County band together to help low-income families pay back their late rent due to Covid

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Rolling F Credit Union Looking to Expand Field of Membership

New membership would mean more growth in a variety of ways, and the credit unions is looking exactly for that.

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Rolling F Credit Union Makes a Difference in the Modesto Community

Turlock credit union begins funding mortgages once again, making a lasting impact for two low-income families.

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