Members will be required to wear a mask and social distance while in the branch.

Hey Turlock, Come See Why People Are Moving to Rolling F Credit Union

It's time to switch.

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Are you wondering why the F?

Because Better Financial Decisions Make For A Better Life

Ask yourself, what would you do with an extra $2,400 per year? Take a vacation, pay off bills, start saving for a home or college? Many of our members are saving $200 per month.

We're giving people 50% off when they refinance their loan with us.

Yes, you read right. Refinance your auto and other consumer loans and even credit cards to Rolling F Credit Union at 50% off your current rate!* We noticed far too many members were paying way too much to borrow. So we decided to make a statement and 50% off is a pretty big statement, wouldn't you say? Let's see what we can do for you. It only takes a few minutes to apply.

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Our Mission

The mission at Rolling F Credit Union is to bring fairness and equality to the banking system. Unfortunately, many local families are being taken advantage of by "lenders" that charge interest rates so high that people can not get ahead financially.

Rolling F is on a mission to give our neighbors the tools necessary to end this financial inequality.

We're Here to Serve You

Don't let your big bank make you feel small

Our decisions to give you a lower interest rate, or help you with down payment assistance on a new home are made right here in Turlock. Not some corporate office in New York or San Francisco.

We're not a big bank. We're your local credit union, owned by our members, managed by your neighbors and federally insured just like those big banks, only not with all those fees.

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We Believe

When people are lifted up, one by one, we are all lifted!

We believe in supporting our neighbors and giving back to our community. Rolling F Credit Union is your local credit union that make credit decisions based on people, not just credit scores.

We are Turlock

We're proud to be a local credit union instead of a large corporate bank. Rolling F Credit Union is part of the community here in Turlock, as well as the surrounding communities of Stanislaus and Merced counties, and has been since 1948. We love our members. We work hard everyday so you can live a better life. We are Turlock, we are Rolling F.

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