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Rolling F Credit Union Invests in Employees and Hosts Seminars on Self-Esteem and Building Trust

TURLOCK, Calif. (April 6, 2021) – With the hustle and bustle at many workplaces, it can be difficult to invest in the personal and professional growth of the men and women who devote their days to the company. Because of this, Rolling F Credit Union dedicates specific time for team building seminars and practice. Most recently, the credit union has focused on maintaining and enhancing self-esteem and building rapport and trust, both of which are crucial to employee and member success.

Self-Esteem & Trust

Maintain and Enhance Self-Esteem
CEO Randy Icelow taught on the importance of positive self-esteem and the negative impact eroding self-esteem brings. There are plenty of ways to lift a co-worker up and encourage them to continue to work hard; likewise, it is not difficult to destroy one’s self-esteem with certain words or actions. Being able to recognize feelings and reactions when discussing self-esteem are vital to understanding how to properly incorporate this personal development characteristic and produce the best results. As a team, Rolling F Credit Union is determined to grow and be aware of maintaining and enhancing self-esteem through honest practice.

Building Rapport and Trust
Community Relations and Project Specialist Aimee Jones taught on how to build rapport and trust between co-workers and members. Connecting with members and focusing directly on what may be going on in their lives builds a relationship that boosts confidence that they are in the right place. Without trust, members will not let us handle their finances. Without finances to handle, the credit union cannot exist. Rolling F Credit Union will continue to teach, train, and grow as an institution in a way that always puts members first.

The credit union sees the long-term benefits of investing in employees for personal and professional betterment. As the institution continues to dive into other topics pertaining to members experiences and the workplace culture, an uplifting and positive environment will thrive.
Aimee Jones
Community Relations and Project Specialist
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