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Rolling F Credit Union Looking to Expand Field of Membership

TURLOCK, Calif. (February 18, 2021)– Rolling F Credit Union is a veteran when it comes to serving the people of California’s Central Valley. Since 1948, the credit union has been partnering with specific employers to bring the best customer service to their members. While doing this has taken years of building relationships with trusted institutions, Rolling F would like to provide this excellence to as many members of the community as possible, and the best way to accomplish this is by expanding the credit union’s field of membership.

FOM Expansion Press Release

Historically, Rolling F Credit Union has always been a closed credit union, meaning only certain people qualify to become members. By working at a “Specific Employer Group” (SEG), one fits the criteria to become a member. The businesses below are partners with Rolling F Credit Union, and are therefore considered a Specific Employer Group:
  • Foster Farms
  • Garton Tractor
  • Turlock Scavenger
  • Turlock Professional Medical Park
  • Flory Industries

In addition to this list, one is also eligible for membership if they have a relative who works at a partnered SEG.

The current state of Rolling F does not allow for people outside of the eligibility requirements to become members. However, things are about to change. In early February, Rolling F submitted a Field of Membership Expansion proposal to the Department of Financial Protection and Innovation. The Department is currently reviewing the proposal, and if approved, Rolling F will be able to allow anyone who works, lives, or worships in Stanislaus County or Merced County to become members. This new market will reach tens of thousands of people, giving them the opportunity to bank with a reliable and trustworthy financial institution.

What does this mean for Rolling F? Expanding membership produces growth on all fronts; financially speaking, growth in assets. Relationally speaking, growth in the number of members that can be helped. To ensure stability and continue to make a difference in the community, expanding membership was the next strategic move. If approved, more people in the community will have access to great products and services Rolling F offers.
As we wait for the Department’s verdict, Rolling F will continue to help current members with the same attentiveness, accuracy, and friendliness that produces the phenomenal customer experience the credit union is known for.

Aimee Jones
Community Relations and Project Specialist
(209) 634-2911