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Rolling F Credit Union Fathers Day Event 2021

The tradition continues as the credit union hosts event for the second year in a row to show fathers their appreciation.

TURLOCK, Calif. (June 18, 2021) – Father’s Day 2021 was a memorable one for Rolling F Credit Union and numerous members who are fathers.

To show appreciation and gratitude, Rolling F Credit Union gifted special Father’s Day mugs filled with a s’mores kit to several lucky dads. The blue mugs read “Best Dad Ever” and included marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers inside, making the perfect s’more combination. What better way to spend time with family on Father’s Day than by roasting s’mores and making memories? As the fathers trickled in, the mugs were handled out one by one, each received with a big smile.

“It’s fun events like these that make giving back to our members so worthwhile. We want them to know that we see them, hear their stories, and want the best for them and their families. That’s why the surprised look on their faces and the excitement in their words when we let them know they’ve been selected to receive a gift is fulfilling,” said Community Relations and Project Specialist Aimee Jones.

Father’s Day is just one of the many holidays during the year that Rolling F celebrates with memorable giveaways. Stay tuned for other great events, and get involved by checking out the Rolling F Credit Union website!

Father's Day 2021

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Aimee Jones
Community Relations and Project Specialist
(209) 634-2911