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Rolling F Credit Union Participates in County Rental Relief Program

TURLOCK, Calif. (February 24, 2021) – Rental relief could not come at a better time for many families living in Stanislaus County, especially those who have either lost their jobs or who have been negatively affected due to Covid. Renting a place to live and having working utilities are two very essential things, and families who do not have the funds to pay back their rent owe landlords and utility companies thousands of dollars, and it is only adding up. Stanislaus County saw the need in the community and now has the means to help these hurting people.


After receiving funds from the Federal Government, the state of California distributed money to counties specifically for the purpose of paying back landlords and utility companies. Stanislaus County received 16.4 million dollars to help families who make less than 80% of the median area income pay back their rent, and once the funds exhaust, another 16 million will be allotted to the county.

"I'm very excited about the Emergency Rental Assistance Program.  It will provide much needed assistance to hundreds of families severely affected by the Covid pandemic,” said Steve Brown, who is acting as the credit union liaison for the program. “I'm so thankful for Rolling F and other local credit unions, who have partnered with Stanislaus County to roll out an amazing delivery model.  By working with credit unions, the County is able to leverage their expertise in helping people and collecting documentation similar to what they need to make a loan decision.”

The work the Stanislaus Housing Authority, the City of Modesto, and Stanislaus County are doing will get money back into the hands of landlords and utility companies, so that they can provide the best services possible during these difficult times. No one could have predicted how the events of the past year would have played out, and although numerous families are behind on rent, the hope is that the money will be paid back to landlords and utility companies, who have had no choice but to be understanding during these times.

Rolling F Credit Union, along with Modesto’s First Federal Credit Union, Organized Labor Credit Union, and Self Help Credit Union, are designated locations for members of the community to call or visit for more information. Staff members will be able to assist with filling out applications and answering questions having to do with the rental relief program. Rolling F Credit Union is proud to be serving the community! Visit or call 1-877-211-7826 or call 2-1-1 and ask about the Stanislaus County Emergency Rental Assistance Program. Help is on the way!

Aimee Jones
Community Relations and Project Specialist
(209) 634-2911