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Rolling F Credit Union is Approved for a Field of Membership Expansion

TURLOCK, Calif. (April 28, 2021) – Earlier this month, Rolling F Credit Union received a letter from the Department of Financial Protection and Innovation stating that the request to expand the credit union’s field of membership had been granted. This news meant that the criteria to become a member at Rolling F now includes those who work, worship, or live in Stanislaus County or Merced County as eligible for membership.

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Previously, in order to bank with Rolling F, those in the community could only apply if they worked at select employers – this made Rolling F a SEG (Select Employee Group) credit union. Being classified as a SEG gave Rolling F the unique ability to cultivate relationships with companies such as Garton Tractor Inc. and Foster Farms, the latter being the biggest employer members work for. Although this type of credit union has its benefits, ultimately it restricted Rolling F from being able to help more people in their target market. The approval to change to a Community Charter institution will give Rolling F the opportunity to flourish and grow in ways like never before.

“Opening our doors to virtually anyone in the community will contribute to the future success of Rolling F Credit Union, as well as give us the ability to help those who are hurting in the community,” explains Community Relations and Project Specialist Aimee Jones. “I’m excited to be a bright light for the people around us!”

The field of membership expansion will give people who did not previously meet the requirements the ability to bank with Rolling F. All new members will still be required to fill out an application before opening an account at Rolling F, and once they do, low loan rates, special offers, and benefits will be available to them. A complete list of products and services can be found online or in the branch.

Rolling F Credit Union has been serving the Central Valley community since 1948, providing services in checking and savings accounts, lending, and online banking. Rolling F Credit Union is located at 2101 Geer Road, Suite #401 Turlock, CA 95382. To find out if you qualify to be a member, please call (209) 634-2911 or visit