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Rolling F Credit Union to Attend Community Event

xxhop pop up shop

As a trusted financial institution, Rolling F understands the importance of being involved in the community. Rolling F has participated and hosted numerous events in the community on different occasions, including: the credit union’s 2020 Annual Shred Day, a Garton Tractor Appreciation week, a Westside Ministries visit, funding mortgages for low-income families, and helping those in the community with the Emergency Rental Assistance Program. Community connection and partnership is one of the foundations of Rolling F, and without this continual investment, the credit union cannot live up to its purpose or help those who are hurting.

“Fun events like this is how we meet the beautiful people of our community. I can’t wait to meet new folks and talk to old friends! I’m thankful for people like Mikaila, the folks at XX Functional Fitness and the folks from Westside Ministries for bringing us together,” said Rolling F Credit Union CEO Randy Icelow.

The community has and always will be a priority for Rolling F Credit Union. Supporting businesses and people that live in the surrounding area reveals a passion that not every company seeks to ignite. That’s what makes Rolling F different – we love our members beyond their visits to the branch. We seek to know them outside of their finances. We want to support them on their journey to financial freedom.

Keep your eyes peeled for Rolling F if you plan on attending the XXHop Pop-Up and Car Show, presented by XX Functional Fitness and Westside Ministries! The event will start at 12pm and will run through 6pm. For more information, visit

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