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Member Experience Matters

“Hi, come on in! How are you doing?”

“Good morning, thank you for calling! How can I help you today?”

“Would you like to open a Checking Account with us? We can talk about the benefits and get one started for you, just let us know.”

These are just some of the phrases you are guaranteed to hear when you walk into Rolling F or call us. Our staff is one of the friendliness you will find, and they do their best to greet you with a smile – they might even know your name! The member experience matters greatly to us, and we hope your visit a memorable one.

Member Experience Matters

Being a member in a small credit union means recognizing the tellers, loan officers, and knowing everyone else behind the scenes. This tight-knit community cannot be found everywhere, which is why Rolling F recognizes the value of it. Large banks are very interested in your money, while credit unions care more about you and the community.

Why do we value friendliness, respect, and kindness? Because we know it only takes one small gesture to turn things around. You never know what someone might be going through, so receiving an unexpected smile has the power to change the direction of a member’s day. At Rolling F, we care about you. We want you to know that you are our family, and we look forward to helping you always.

Rolling F Credit Union has been serving the Central Valley community since 1948, providing services in checking and savings accounts, loans, and online banking. Rolling F Credit Union is located at 2101 Geer Road, Suite #401 Turlock, CA 95382. To find out if you qualify to be a member, please call (209) 634-2911