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How to Save Well

Money is an interesting concept – we work our whole life for it, spend it when the time is right (or wrong), and give it away carefully or carelessly. Money essentially drives everything we do, whether we like it or not. This gives us all the reason more to give special attention to how we manage what we earn, and thus the importance of saving.

Saving money is something that comes naturally to some and is easier said than done for others. If you have money, why not spend it? Well… you are more likely to spend it all and have nothing left. Therefore, it is important to manage your money well by budgeting and balancing spending for fun and spending for necessity. Although it is tempting to buy everything that looks appealing, your bank account will not think so.
To help you get on the road to success when it comes to your money and spending habits, here are some ideas to keep you on track:

Grocery shopping:

Write (or type) a shopping list of the foods you need for the next two weeks. This can include things such as eggs, milk, chicken, vegetables, bread, etc. (Bonus tip – if you plan out the dinners you will be having, this narrows down the specific foods you will need to get). Now go back to your list and add only a few items to “splurge” on. This can include things such as cookies, ice cream, chips, etc. So instead of making a list of everything you think you need – including sweets and sugary foods – you will have a narrowed-down list filled largely with true necessity foods. Be sure to stick to your list –


do not go to the grocery store hungry, or else you will be tempted to buy food that is not on your list!

Shopping for Clothes:

Girls (and even guys), you know that when shopping for the cutest outfit is your goal, the amount of money you spend can seem endless. We need to change this mindset! Yes, shopping is fun, but that does not give you a good enough reason to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on shoes or sports jerseys. Instead, set yourself a reasonable goal of how much to spend and consider looking online before going out to know how much the things you like cost. Give thrift stores a try and see if you can find anything fun and unique for a discounted price. You never know what you mind find!


Around the House:

Whether you know it or not, you spend a ton of money on things at home! Cable, heating and air conditioning, electricity… it all starts to add up fast. If you find yourself on your phone and Netflix most of the time, you may want to cancel your cable and only pay for internet and the streaming service. If you are cold more often than hot, grab a cozy blanket instead of running the heater 24/7; similarly, if you get hot and don’t want to have the air on all the time, install a house fan, take cold baths or showers, or put ice water in front of a fan to cool you off. Always be sure to turn off lights in unoccupied rooms, do not keep the tv on when it does not have to be, and make sure to unplug electronic devices that are done charging.


Click here for more tips on how to budget in specific areas of your life! You can be a super saver before you know it, simply start by budgeting in certain areas of your life. We would love to set up a Savings Account for you at Rolling F, helping you save even more! What you do with your money matters, so know we are here for you.

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