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Creating Community During COVID-19

I, too, was looking forward to numerous trips I had planned for the year, all of which have been squashed thanks to one word: coronavirus. Before 2020, the average American had no idea what it meant, but now, as we are well past the halfway mark of the year, there is no doubt that coronavirus will forever be remembered and go down in history.

Scientifically speaking, the shortened name of this disease is COVID-19, standing for “coronavirus disease 2019.” I am not here to present all the facts and statistics about coronavirus, but rather to show the devastating results it has had on peoples and countries of this world, starting in our own community.

Rolling F Credit Union is located in the agricultural city of Turlock, found in the central valley of California. Like everywhere else in the world, Turlock has not been immune to coronavirus or the effects it has on communities - businesses have been forced to shut down (either temporarily or permanently), schools will not be having traditional in-person classrooms, and masks are required almost everywhere you go. It is eerie how different things are now than they were a year ago.

Despite the challenges our community is facing, Rolling F Credit Union has continued to be the cornerstone for its members. Services have remained open (since banking is essential), which has given members an outlet to talk to people other than family members and friends they have been quarantining with. We have the ability to check-in on people who may not have an ideal support group during a time such as this, and it has made all the difference in the world to them.

What has Rolling F been up to?

During the month of May, Rolling F celebrated Mother’s Day by giving out cupcake kits to members who are mothers to enjoy with their families. Each kit came complete with three cupcakes, frosting and sprinkles! We handed out the kits, which were placed in clear wrap and decorated, to mothers that came in, and they were delighted! It was a fun event that had a great turn out!


Two big events happened in June: first, we held a week to celebrate five different Garton Tractor locations by providing breakfast and information for them. We also created a survey for Garton Tractor employees to fill out that put them in the running to win a $50 VISA gift card and a donation to a local charity. Our goals from this week were to educate, appreciate, and show our gratitude, and we believe we were able to accomplish just that with Garton Tractor!


The second event in June was our Father’s Day celebration! Rico’s Pizza created pizza kits for our members who are fathers to enjoy with their families. Each kit included fresh dough, sauce, cheese, pepperoni, and olive oil. The fathers were so appreciative of our efforts and sent in pictures to commemorate the event!


Finally, we began our Backpack Giveaway event! The goal of it is to help those in our community (both members and nonmembers) who need backpacks and school supplies for the school year. We have questionnaires to fill out, asking who you would like to nominate to be in the drawing to receive a free backpack filled with school supplies. You have until August 7 to enter! Click here to virtually fill out and submit a questionnaire.


What can you look forward to?
More events like these will be on their way, even though things have looked a little different than we would like. As we are all transitioning to a “different” type of life, bear with us. Although we can’t gather in large groups, we have been fortunate enough to still cultivate community in smaller ways. We love our members and are invested in building a strong community within Rolling F. Stay connected with us to know what is coming up! Follow us on Facebook, @RollingFCreditUnion.

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