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Community Matters!

It is a common phrase for organizations to say something along the lines of “we do our best to give back to the community and make a difference.” I have found that it becomes overused and insincere, almost to the point of making consumers feel the complete opposite. When was the last time you thought to yourself, “Wow! Walmart must really care about the city I live in!” The reality is, they probably don’t.

On the other hand, some organizations really do try their best to be involved in their communities and give back in as many ways as they can. They might create nonprofits, take donations, or sponsor community events. While these things may promote the image of the company, they are carried out with good intentions for the community – or at least they should be.

At Rolling F Credit Union, we thrive because of our members and community. Without our members, we would not be where we are today. The purpose of our credit union is to serve those in our community and provide specific benefits for them to enjoy. We are proud to offer these services and perks:

  • Always FREE Checking Accounts and debit cards
  • Prime Checking
  • Prime High Yield Checking
  • Savings Accounts
  • Unbeatable Loan Rates
  • Community Events and Promotions
  • Discounted Tickets to California Theme Parks and Attractions

Because of the importance of community, Rolling F prioritizes being involved. On October 17, we are hosting a FREE drive-thru shred event that is open to members and the entire community. Bring up to four boxes of documents to shred between 9am-1pm. Interested? RSVP and receive a free gift on us by clicking this link.

Rolling F will always be present in the community to do our part! Stay up to date with our latest events and promotions by following our Facebook page, @RollingFCreditUnion.

Community Matters

Rolling F Credit Union has been serving the Central Valley community since 1948, providing services in checking and savings accounts, loans, and online banking. Rolling F Credit Union is located at 2101 Geer Road, Suite #401 Turlock, CA 95382. To find out if you qualify to be a member, please call (209) 634-2911