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Budgeting this Valentines Day

Budgeting this Valentines

January has come and gone, and one of the busiest times of the year for chocolate sales is almost here – Valentines Day! Whether you are spending the day with your significant other, close family, or snuggled up with your favorite pet, things can add up quickly if you’re not careful. The last thing you’ll want is to wake up Monday morning to an alert from your bank saying you have a zero dollar balance in your account. Thankfully, this doesn’t have to happen to you! Keep reading for tips on how you can budget this Valentines while also making it one memorable day!

1. Before you shop for gifts, plan the amount you are willing to spend
Going into something with a game plan will help you stay on track, and this is especially helpful when every treat and gift looks enticing on Valentines. “She would love it if I got her this expensive gold necklace”… “I know he wants all the chocolate in the world”… “My parents would be so excited if I got them that vacation, even though it would cost all my savings”… Being sweet, thoughtful, and nice on Valentines are all great things, but you don’t want to break your bank in order to do so. One of the best ways to prevent overspending from happening is by giving yourself a budget ahead of time and sticking to it. It’s not always easy to limit your spending, but in the end, it will ensure saving money. There are plenty of gifts available that can be in any price range and still show those around you how much you love and appreciate them.

2. Get creative with how to spend or save your money
Just because it’s Valentine’s Day, that doesn’t mean you have to go out to a five-star restaurant to “wow” your significant other. They might not even want that, and you probably don’t want to spend that much on a meal anyway. Instead, you might want to consider preparing a nice meal in your kitchen or try getting takeout and dressing up for the occasion at home. These options do not require you to leave your house, and there is no schedule to go off of, making the night more laid back instead of rushing to get to your restaurant reservations before it’s too late. Cooking at home is generally cheaper than going out, and it could put a special touch on the night.

3. Don’t stress about expenses
Valentine’s Day is a great time to show others how much you love them, but it’s not just about how much you spend on them. Money is important, but it can’t buy everything. You know how to make the most important people in your life smile and laugh, and sometimes those things alone mean the most. Do your best not to stress about the little things – you have the ability to make your Valentines a fun day, and that might mean staying in, saving money, and eating a homemade chocolate cake.

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